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Pennsylvania Grand Slam

#12 Caribou Caddis

Summertime fishing is ending and fall fishing is looking to be off to a great start. With the flows on the Gunpowder River still very low, I decided to head up to Boiling Springs, Pa.

Beautiful weather, great flows, clean water and rising fish were all on the menu. Most of the fish gladly took a #12 Caribou Caddis with the only brook trout of the day eating a #14 Parachute BWO.

The fish of the day was a 16" rainbow that sipped the caddis and on a Winston Pure 7 1/2' 3wt, was a blast to fight!

With flows still low on the Gunpowder, it's a good idea to look for other places to fish to avoid stressing out the fish. Make a day of it and head to Southern Pennsylvania or Western Maryland.

If you do fish the low flows, long leaders ending in light tippet and delicate presentations will be the key to your success. Good luck and have fun on the water!

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